Published work

Academic papers

How might Personal Construct Psychology benefit from narrative approaches? Journal of Constructivist Psychology. Volume 30, 2017. Issue 4. 360-370.


Mortification of the Self: The Impact of Stigma on Identity. Mad in America. Science, psychiatry and social justice.

Conference papers

June 22nd, 2014: Narrative Psychology and Personal Construct Psychology: A Comparative Analysis. Paper presented at EPCA 12th Biennial Conference, Brno, Czech Republic.

October 31st, 2014: Narrative approaches in psychotherapy, fragmented identity and personal development. Paper presented at IV Annual Conference of Serbian Psychotherapist Association, Belgrade, Serbia.

July 15th, 2015: Psychotherapy as an art of small expectations. Paper presented at 21st International Congress of Personal Construct Psychology, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK.

October 21st, 2016: Stigma and self-stigma of the users of psychiatric services in Serbia. Paper presented at VI Annual Conference of Serbia Psychotherapist Association, Belgrade, Serbia.

October 19th, 2018: Conceptualizing mental health and mental disorders among the users of psychiatric services. 23rd Congress of European Association for Psychotherapy, Belgrade, Serbia.