Tolerating uncertainty

Feelings of uncertainty are usually connected to anxiety which is experienced when one is thinking about the future. Reduced ability to anticipate future events can trigger strong feelings of anxiety and many other unpleasant emotions. In fact, this ability to reflect about the future is something which makes us truly human. Uncertainty comes and goes, … Continue reading Tolerating uncertainty

Rage attacks: Where do they come from?

Rage can be strong, rage can be toxic and dangerous and rage can be contagious. Rage attack as an outburst of anger is usually very hard to handle. When you are close to a person who is experiencing explosion of anger, it is extremely hard to find an appropriate way to tackle the situation. So … Continue reading Rage attacks: Where do they come from?

The vicious cycle of depression and how to get out from it

We all feel down and sad sometimes. It is hard. It is difficult. It can drain our energy and empty our resources. But what if there is something we can do about depression to at least soften its influence on our lives? According to American Psychiatric Association, depression (or major depression disorder) is a treatable … Continue reading The vicious cycle of depression and how to get out from it

How to handle agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is usually defined as an anxiety disorder. It involves strong anxiety attacks that are usually felt while being in open spaces, like city squares and streets. The anxiety specific to agoraphobia is provoked by feelings of helplessness and losing control due to inability to navigate with confidence in an open space. It is considered to be a special type of social phobia and the name is derived from the Greek work "agora," which means "public square," and "phobia," which means "fear."