Life coaching

Coaching is defined as a developmental process during which a person is empowered to fulfill personal and professional goals. In short, during life coaching sessions, the client receives help to advance from the point A to the point B—from the place where one is now to the place where one wants to arrive. Life coach is trying to motivate and support the client in a best possible way to accomplish life goals.

With a help of life coaching, the client is becoming aware of what she really wants in life, where are the barriers to achieving what she wants and taking specific actions directed to fulfilling dreams and visions. With a series of short sessions, the client will arrive to action plan which will help her to overcome obstacles and achieve imagined goals. Life coaching is about helping a person to confidently step ahead and find fulfillment, success, happiness and well-being. Moving away from barriers and obstacles which keep us in negative life cycles is one of the most important steps towards positive change. Life coaching is different from psychotherapy because it is usually much shorter and more limited. Also, it is more focused on future. Elaboration of the past is happening only when clarity of the future goals can be realized more efficiently if they are somehow connected with the past events.

It is important to note that life coaching is not about giving advices how we should behave and what we should do in life. It is much more than that: Careful listening to the client, asking the right insightful questions and gradual discovery of authentic each potential. In fact, life coaching will help you to find life balance and become the best version of yourselves.