What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is often defined as a set of mental techniques which are used to treat or cure a psychological disorder or mental pain. However, psychotherapy is much more than that—it is an alive relationship between two people in which both a therapist and a client are changing together. The usage of certain psychotherapeutic techniques which are useful is certainly positive and handy, but these techniques are only a part of a much wider and bigger process, a process in which in-depth meanings about the world and inner personal universe are explored.

Moreover, our personal meanings are responsible for our satisfaction and happiness, our personal feelings of achievement, and the quality of our lives. So it is crucially important to say that in psychotherapy we are dealing exactly with that—relationships that we have with ourselves and others—to achieve a higher level of personal satisfaction, solve specific problems and boost our “psychological immune system” to fight everyday stressors.

Problems very often arise when our system of personal meanings starts to fail, our life view/philosophy starts to “work” against us, and our everyday lives are distracted with negative emotions, such as anxiety or fear. It is very good and beneficial to recognize these symptoms early and to engage in psychotherapy. The awareness of the need for help is the first and most important step in achieving a successful resolution of crisis and problem-solving. Therefore, it is better to define psychotherapy as a relationship between two persons, the psychotherapist and the client, which leads to transformation and positive outcomes, and the resolution of specific problems as well. During the psychotherapeutic process, through conversation with mutual respect and understanding, it is possible to arrive at a place of higher awareness, successful social relationships, and positive personal feelings. We can also find our own unique way to manage our emotions and to use them as a compass in a complex, confused and busy world.