Personal development

During our lifetimes, we have been constantly changing our beliefs, growing and maturing as individuals. Our personalities were not the same when we had fifteen, twenty-five and thirty-five. Although we keep some important characteristics, our behaviors and reactions are transformed into new patterns, as our life circumstances change too. Our social environment is also changing and with that change our understanding of ourselves and the world around us slowly evolves. With the help of friends and family, we often succeed to overcome critical periods in life. Further, after the crisis, we grow and become stronger, with richer psychological capacities and stress resilience—becoming a slightly different person.

However, sometimes we feel like the circumstances are too complex, so that level of stress is overwhelming and just “too much” to handle. When it happens, it is very reasonable to ask for professional help, because doing so we will open space for entering a new level of personal development. After the transformation, we will be able to seize the day as stronger and self-actualized individuals. Personal development is fulfilled with small changes which are hard to observe, because they are slow and they happen during long periods of time. But it is also important to note that some periods, short or long, have unusually high level of tension. These periods are the ones when the need for change is strongest.

Every crisis might be perceived as an opportunity for individual growth. Every crisis is letting us to expand our awareness of ourselves and the world we inhabit, to bravely go beyond our limits and change some of our dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors. If we had such positive outlook on crisis, we would do large part of the work, and what is left is to talk with the counselor in order to achieve more coherent, stable and wholesome version of our selves. Along with this, our interpersonal relationships will grow with us and will be more harmonious, peaceful and concordant. It is perfectly natural and human to feel fear of change but it is also possible, with willingness and professional help, to step into a brighter and better future.