Online counseling

Online counseling is a new trend everywhere in the world. Today it is possible to work with a licensed counselor using only an online medium, usually Skype, and to go through different issues that have been bothering you for a long period of time. Also, the method might be similar to offline counseling, bearing in mind that many licensed counselors work both off and online.

Research shows that this particular type of intervention can be efficient as offline counseling, yielding the same or similar results. It is important to note that all conversations during online sessions are entirely confidential, as in case of traditional (offline) counseling. Moreover, a licensed counselor is obliged to follow the same ethical guidelines of the profession both online and offline. The very fact that the counselor is licensed means that he or she are trained to help you in dealing with issues according to strict demands and professional moral norms that must be met at all times during the process of counseling, with no exception.

Many clients experienced significant change, expressed strong support for online counseling and reported a high level of satisfaction. These are some of the advantages of online counseling:

  • Clients are much more relaxed when they are at home and can communicate with more ease in a familiar setting
  • Online counseling is usually more affordable and convenient since it is more cost effective and affordable and you do not have to bother/lose time to commute
  • Clients feel a greater sense of privacy when doing online counseling, which can contribute to their ability to open up and talk about issues, which might result in more productive/efficient sessions
  • It is easier to cancel sessions or make new appointments
  • It is much more convenient for clients with specific problems, like agoraphobia, to work from home
  • People who live in remote areas or have busy schedules find online counseling much easier to follow through because it saves them both time and money