Reconnecting with the inner child

the inner child

Inner child is real—it’s not real in the sense in which the desk which I am writing this blog post on is real, or the car on the parking lot in front of the building where I live. Inner child is real in the psychological and phenomenological sense of the word: It is a metaphor, … Continue reading Reconnecting with the inner child


Boundaries in psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is successful when boundaries between the therapist and the client are well-defined. As in any relationship between two people, it is an ongoing process of defining borderlines between the two personalities. However, in psychotherapy there are some ethical concerns, norms and guidelines which are very important to follow. Boundaries are a crucial element in … Continue reading Boundaries in psychotherapy

Hugs in psychotherapy: Good or bad thing?

Hugs are integral part of our intimate relationships with others—a sign of affection with friends, family and spouses, and even with strangers we meet along the way. With hugs, we exchange feelings and meanings on non-verbal level which seems rather different from our everyday interaction, deeply entrenched in many words that we utter during one … Continue reading Hugs in psychotherapy: Good or bad thing?