Dangerous thoughts of the Inner Critic

Critical voice is a well-integrated pattern of destructive thoughts towards ourselves and others. The voice can become dominant in our daily lives, continually transforming itself into inner dialogue, where we split ourselves into two parts: the Critic and the Listener. Soon we catch ourselves doing things we have never done before, like binge eating or drinking, to soothe the mental pain. Instead of being led by one’s core values, the person who obediently listens to this voice no longer acts in their own self-interest, simply because the Inner Critic stubbornly discourages them to do so. One no longer lives a fulfilling life inspired by one’s values. Distancing themselves from the life of purpose and meaning, the person might also distance themselves from their partner, or threaten relationships with significant others. They could also have problems in everyday performance and productivity at work, suffer from low self-esteem, become increasingly distrustful in themselves and others, turn to alcohol and substance abuse, etc.

Mindfulness in psychotherapy and beyond

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Mindfulness is not only a type of practice associated with silent meditation in a quiet room. It is much more than that—it is an embodied experience that we live every day, breathing in and breathing out. As therapists, we strive to build a mindful mindset with our patients throughout the whole day. We are continually … Continue reading Mindfulness in psychotherapy and beyond

The impact of stigma on the identity of users of psychiatric services

Characterizing people who struggle with mental problems as "psychiatric patients," "mental patients" or "mentally unstable" can make them feel particularly unhappy. After they have been hospitalized for the first time they typically face drastically different social expectations. This new life may bring new social roles to the individual, where the self before the first psychiatric … Continue reading The impact of stigma on the identity of users of psychiatric services

The vicious cycle of depression and how to get out from it

We all feel down and sad sometimes. It is hard. It is difficult. It can drain our energy and empty our resources. But what if there is something we can do about depression to at least soften its influence on our lives? According to American Psychiatric Association, depression (or major depression disorder) is a treatable … Continue reading The vicious cycle of depression and how to get out from it

How to handle agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is usually defined as an anxiety disorder. It involves strong anxiety attacks that are usually felt while being in open spaces, like city squares and streets. The anxiety specific to agoraphobia is provoked by feelings of helplessness and losing control due to inability to navigate with confidence in an open space. It is considered to be a special type of social phobia and the name is derived from the Greek work "agora," which means "public square," and "phobia," which means "fear."